Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Word from the Writer on The SEXually

I'm quite proud of my partnership with ontheleesh productions. In '08 we created and successfully launched a webseries (a first for me. I think it's their hundredth series or something.) Despite some general hygiene issues among the staff, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. Creative, insightful, efficient, and fun, they get the job done and have allowed me the opportunity to wear pink underwear on camera as often as I choose. Well, once, but still.

The aforementioned webseries, the SEXually, is funny and I implore (which is old English for "I'm begging you") to watch it. The concept and shooting style allow for us to have some very talented actors, myself excluded, to flourish and be funny as sh-t! Where we end up, know one knows, but we sure are going to have fun getting there.

In '09 we plan on taking the band to group therapy, where we remind everyone, "if it happens in the woods, it's not gay." Soon after that, the boys will take some time off to abuse recreational drugs, play RockBand, frustrate their super lawyer (every episode), and attempt to create an album. Stay tuned!

Co-creator of the SEXually, Jeff Lycett (a.k.a. Juice)

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