Wednesday, December 3, 2008

in their words

The band discovered some photos of them lying around and felt the need to comment. Here are some of their thoughts, in their words.

the pink underwear is to remind myself that men can indeed wear pink, under certain circumstances, when girls are around... and they ask you to wear pink underwear. we ARE the SEXually! -juice

yes, it looks fun, luv. but it takes two zolofts and a half a bottle of whiskey to get a smile out of me when johnnie's in the room. he's actually biting me. - juice

yes, i'm johnnie napalm. back in the public eye. yes, i used to be a rockstar. but i've been to rockstar anonymous and i'm cured. no longer will i torture the world with my songs about my own tortured soul. from here on out (i'm going solo, luv) it will only be songs about peace and happiness and my desire to copulate with planet earth. i don't need a band to do that. one day, me, johnnie napalm, will have the courage to sing about my lover's butt. and the world will rejoice, in me... and my lover's butt. - johnnie napalm.

my name is Dylan Bob (unlawfully pictured left). my band mates, Johhnie (right) and Julianne (center) are always having a laugh at my expense. one of these days they'll find a vintage car bomb in their trousers. Then who's laughing, mates? i think. yeah, definatetly me. yeah. - dylan

t's difficult, being the front man in an international rock band. all the late nights, boozing and drugging with celebrities and models. a fella gets exhausted, keeping up with all the sexually active women i encounter. that's why i get at least twenty-four hours of sleep a week, preferably on wednesday. - juice

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